Saturday, June 26, 2010


looking forward
never behind

you can see this love
behind my eyes

this love lies deep
and from deep below
rushes to your heart
emotions overflow

there is no end
there is just this

the fountain of love
pours out the magic kiss

The crows have started,

The crows have started,
And the traffic outside has picked up pace.

The heater is on
But gives off just a light.
It feels like a harsh winter morn.

Its empty and cold
And my heart is all torn;
Its hanging heavy, broken,lost and cold

Lying alone, 
The frost sets in;
My body shivers too much

It quakes with fear
It shakes from tears
What if you're out of my clutch?

The motorbike passes by
He can't hear me cry
But both sounds are shockingly loud

The one sound to hear
Would be your voice here,
One touch to say goodnight

But alone I am 
In my dream I hold your hand
And grasp it with all my might.

© Leonora Sophie