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Friday, September 23, 2011


What have you got
That I can't see?
What have you got?
Please give it to me.

But I don't even want it 
Nor know what it is.
What have you got?
Can you show me please?

There's something I want
But it's not mine.
There's something I want
And I'm taking my time

To learn what it is.
I can't grab and snatch,
Not without tears.
There's always a catch.

It's something I'd fight for,
It's something unknown,
It's something delightful;
Inside me I'm torn.

I want it, I hate it.
I need you to know
This envy inside me will only grow.

Help me stop it.
Don't make me green.
Just give me what you've got,
And don't be mean.

© Leonora Sophie


I've so many things to do
That I'm writing a long list.
The tasks are many, some dull,
But none are to be missed.

So what do I do?
Grab colours and highlight,
Play with pens and stare
Longingly at the moonlight.

I tap at the keys,
But it's not work.
I'm looking for something
Pretending it's 'research'.

But my mind is numb,
My brain is idle.
I should power off
Though my eyes are wider.

I'm just staring now;
Pupils bulbous and huge.
I'm not focused on anything
And my work is overdue.

Pour a glass of wine,
Have a little chat,
Forget the time
And remind myself that - 

The world won't stop
Because I can't start.
I'm sure I'll work one day
Once I feel it in my heart.

© Leonora Sophie

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Pin stripe
Card swipe
More money earned

Neck tie
I'll buy
The knowledge that you've learnt

Teach me
And I'll take over

More more
Selling floor
The points are climbing higher

Tick tock
Knock knock
Day is almost done

Down pound
Yen on the ground
Money is all gone

Day is done
Nothing won
I'm going home

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Typhoon

Drenched, drowning, muddy.
Water lashing, wind thrashing,
Soaking with despair.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Lost

So many trees,lost.
In the middle, without friends.
Sunlight will guide me.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Rhythm

To the beat, one two.
Follow me, I’ll follow you.
Together we are..

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Charm (3)

Elegance and grace.
What a lovely face that hides
Many lies inside.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Charm (2)

Diamonds shining;
Radiant collection glows,
Sparkling, glowing.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Charm (1)

Handsome, grace, standing.
Mysteriously polite.
Makes me smile each day.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Rain (2)

Non stop droplets
Pelting at the window pane,
Inside’s warm, cosy.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Rain (1)

Tumbling down, heavy,
Soaking through to skin; sneezing,
Shivers, wet and cold.

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wave of Love

We crashed like the water on the shore,
Longing for too much, longing for more.
What we wanted we couldn't have,
What we had was not enough.

The tide was strong and the waves were heavy.
I stumbled on a rock and I fell.
The water embraced me like you once did,
But not now, not ever more.

We're not the same, things have changed,
We differ like each tide.
But, I want you to be brave,
For I know you will find your bride.

© Leonora Sophie

The Climbing Frame

At the top of it all,
We feel strong,
We feel fit.
We can see above it all
And even see through the grit
That this place represents.

Because, deep down there is hope,
And there's love
And there's wonder,
And there's the scope to imagine it's heaven.
And in the heat of it all,
We are climbing the castle
Built for us to help us see far.

In the distance I hear you,
Calling my name,
Along with the birds,
There's a song that's ever so plain -
'I love you' it says
And it's all that I hear.

If your voice was the one that would shine through the skies,
Then you are the one I can see with my eyes.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Write (2)

Love the written words.
Softly spoken, never heard,
So misunderstood.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Write (1)

Endless words flowing,
My emotions are showing,
So misunderstood.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Frog (2)

Basking in the sun,
Staring where? Jump in the air, 
Field to Field; new home.

© Leonora Sophie

Monday, September 19, 2011

HAIKU - Coiling

Spiral turning, endless.
Eternity, infinity,
Round and round goes love

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Frog

Sitting on a stem,
Hiding under a green leaf.
Sparrow swoops; dinner.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Mountain

Tall, steep, can't climb, weep.
Breathing deeply holding hands.
One step, two - summit.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Bullseye

You know the score; win.
The ultimate prize, aim, shoot,
Fire; reach heart's desire.

© Leonora Sophie

One hundred smiles

Lonely love left in a flight
Down a road I didn’t know;
Trampled dreams said goodbye,
Like a gift from above.

See that shimmer?
It’s mine.
It’s gone,
I’m not alone any more.

Hazel revival,
Hopes anew,
Like a gift from above.

If you endure,
If you believe
You can see me.

One hundred happy smiles,
One hundred happy hearts
Walk with me now, demanding my love,
Like a gift from above.

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

HAIKU - Bodyfat (!)

Unwanted, unknown.
Too much hard work to be gone.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - ''Kitteh'' (2)

Kawaii kitty, 
Sitting pretty on the ledge.
Elegant stance, proud.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - ''Kitteh''

Kitty, kitty - look!
Catch the mouse, running faster.
Chase the tail; meow.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Elixir

Fruity from the vine;
Potent, tasty, wanting more.
Magical potion

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Water

Trickling so softly,
The water flows down the stream,
Running, glistening.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Bubbles

Flying rainbow ball
Popping gently, wave goodbye
Peaceful life up high.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Feather (2)

Fallen from the sky,
Feathers land on dirty roads,
Waiting for the wind.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Feather

Tickles on the chin
So light, so warm, so pretty,
Colourful and soft.

© Leonora Sophie

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Death and destruction

Death and destruction everywhere.
Broken hearts,
Not a care.

Where are you walking?
Where will you go?
Hide your head
So no one will know.

Darkness, sadness, all around.
Triumph, laughter,
Where can they be found?

Today we think
What might have been
If all around us
Nothing was seen

Crash, bang.
We live in fear.
Hope and glory
All disappear.

© Leonora Sophie


It crumbled in my hand
But my palm was open

The unintentional strength
From within
Was without a doubt
The forceful nature of this mystery

Or rather
The outside powers
Invisible to the naked eye
Yet able to destroy
The hopes and dreams 
That I once held

© Leonora Sophie

Lying in the sun

Time easily spent,
Keeping busy,
Doing nothing.
Lying in the sun,
Until it disappears.

Feeling the heat,
Absorbing the rays.
Getting brown,
Lying in the sun,
Until you can bear no more.

Going for a swim
In the pond.
A refreshing change from
Lying in the sun -
Dipping in the water.

Splashing around
In the pond
But soon time to dry,
Lying in the sun
Until you want more.

Days well spent
At the pond,
In the summer,
doing nothing,
Lying in the sun,
Just having fun.

© Leonora Sophie

Ennis 03

The twigs of today,
The leaves of the past
Show that time can come
And take away
The sights that we see
But not the thoughts
That we have -
These memories will last

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Bold

Big, brave, tall and wild.
Cheeky, has no fear, tearing,
Scaring. Acts daring.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Patience

Sit and wait, tempt fate,
What is going to happen?
Hold tight, have no fright.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Kiss

Magic on the lips,
Feel heart beating, crazy love.
Dwell in the moment.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Sunrise

Morning dew, me, you,
Walking through the green meadow,
Sunshine new, rising.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Yearn

Longing, lusting, want.
Heart's desire, love on fire;
Burning, I love you.

© Leonora Sophie


Typhoon drowns
Lashing sounds
Coming at my window

All curled up
Won’t wake up
And see what is outside

Mud and rain,
Puddles again
I can’t walk down the stairs.

So much water
Wet slaughter
My crops have been smothered

Shovel and clean
Does it mean
We push through and survive?

Heavy winds,
Clattering dim
I hope my house is strong.

Fingers crossed
Wrapped up warm
I’m counting till it’s gone.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Chime

Suddenly loud sounds
Wake me from my deep slumber
Heavily ringing.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Winter

Feet buried in snow
Icy cold, fingers frozen
Cold blizzard blowing.

© Leonora Sophie

Saturday, September 10, 2011

pot luck

Remember, not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful store of luck!
Getting what you want is like having free credit there!!

I am the sunflower.

A small plant, I begin;
Green, small leaves and so thin.
I will grow so tall soon.
I am the sunflower.

I rise up every day.
Best to plant me in May.
See my big leaves just grow.
I am the sunflower.

Watch leaves suddenly appear,
Higher, Higher, I sear.
Sunshine makes me happy.
I am the sunflower.

Yellow, is my round face
Standing high, full of grace.
Petals round, one big smile.
I am the sunflower.

In fields I stand with friends,
With our joy, happiness we spread.
Tell the sunshine to ne'er stop.
I am the sunflower.

Sudd'nly, my leaves turn black.
Dry weather, no water, soil cracked.
Stopping head down in shame.
I am the sunflower.

One big chop, goodbye stem.
My summer is over once again.
Fear not friend, I shall return, for
I am the sunflower.

© Leonora Sophie