Sunday, June 8, 2014


Leaning over into my field of dreams
My mind is propelled into another world
Where the land is firm
My mind more sturdy
My vision seems unpaired

Tiptoeing across paving stones
Over the lake of my life
I'm prancing, gliding, floating, flying
Being chased by something new

The scent of freshness
The smell of flowers
Launching me into every new hour
Crossing terrains anew

I'm happy
I'm me
Jolly, jovial and free
Don't stir
Don't wake me please.

© Leonora Sophie


We're born
We're raised
We kill
We daze
We never mind how we behave

We watch
We wonder
We sit and stare
We push and shove
We growl and glare

We talk
We boast
We raise glasses
And toast

We work
We earn
We play

We eat
Admit defeat?
We conquer too
We'll talk about ourselves
Until we are blue

We shout
We act
We claim to know all the facts
How much of this is true?

We build houses
We have families
We can have it all too
What happens next

When we becomes just you?

© Leonora Sophie