Saturday, October 31, 2009

Love hurts

Love hurts,
Love tickles,
Love causes agonising pain.

Love smiles so much
Just to see your face again.

Love aches and breaks
Each fragile little heart.
Love takes away the hurt
When we have to be apart.

Love me now and Love me then.
Let love come tomorrow
And again and again.

© Leonora Sophie

Friday, September 25, 2009

It broke my heart to see you go,

It broke my heart to see you go,
Your death so slow
And so unnecessary still.

The knife so sharp
It felt like me being stabbed in the heart
And all I could do was look on.

They wanted your money
They wanted your watch
And you were so defensive.

I'd give so much more
Just to hold your hand.

Oh, I wish those kids could understand
What they have done to me
With their greed
And their incessant need
For power on the street.

I have to fight without you
But to my word I stay true,
I can't wait till we once again meet.

© Leonora Sophie

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The eyes
The mind
The heart
The soul.

Where do you want to be?
What is your goal?

Who do you want to see?
Or do you just want to hide?

Do you believe in fate or destiny?
Because sometimes we cannot see what is meant to be.

Tread carefully now,
Filling each step somehow
With pride and satisfaction.

Who knows the end?
Just wait and see,

But make sure you enjoy the action!

© Leonora Sophie


I find the need to be adored
By men and women alike.

But how can the flattery
Change the reality?

Somehow it does
And it makes me smile.

To know that you're loved feels great.
To be wanted and needed is something special.

So, when I find myself alone longing attentions from another,
I can understand where the cravings come from.

To hear my name in the night,
Or even just a call on the phone
Makes me feel special
And happy knowing I'm not really on my own.

© Leonora Sophie

What was it? What is it?

Was it a change for the better

Or simply the worse?

Have I just been prolonging the reality

And made it a curse?

It was once an adventure,

Is it still the same?

I have to ask myself

Does the same fun remain?

A change of scenery,

A new light,

Should allow the perspective

And tell me what is right,

Or at least show me the way to go,

Because right now, I do not know.

So, I board my plane

And take my flight

On my journey

Through the night.

A new day awaits,

A new horizon through new gates

And a chance to see up ahead, as well as behind

And a chance to reason with my own rhythm and rhyme.

© Leonora Sophie

Long Distance Love

Long distance love kind of brings you together,
But not so much hand in hand.
There is a love you both share, and the fact that you care
Makes you understand,
That now isn't time to be the one who is right there.
And even if there is no one else,
You have to trust yourself that it is with you he would rather share
Those moments that you dream of too.
Patience is a virtue, So, have it if you can,
Even if you only want to be with this man.
Make your wish And look at the stars,
And know that your heart will carry you that far.

© Leonora Sophie

Monday, September 7, 2009



It’s definitely in the kiss
In the connection of the lips
When the tongues meet
You know when sparks will fly.

The conversation in the bedroom
Doesn’t have to happen that soon
Time will let love run its course.
To gaze and to wonder
To have and to hold
How can we find the love
With whom we will grow old?

It’s in the meeting of the
The eye
The lips
And then the heart
What a path
To eternal bliss.
There is someone for everyone
But to find them is hard
So to love and to lose is so sad.

But there are more in the world
To win our hearts and our love
And to share the times of happiness.
So when I find you I will hold you
And love every lingering kiss.

© Leonora Sophie July 2003

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Candy floss clouds
With marshmallow pillows.
Mummy singing out loud
To her baby Willow.

Twinkle Twinkle
The stars are shining brightly
Mummy is so proud of her boy
Willow Whitely.

Just look at his picture
To all he shall appeal,
This adorable little baby
named Willow Whitely Steel.

Hush little baby,
Just lie and sleep.
I hope you have the sweetest dreams
In your sleep so deep.

© Leonora Sophie

It's all coming together,

It's all coming together,
Just like you said it would.

Not that I didn't believe you,
When you said it should.

But, after wearing the t-shirt,
I finally found the book,
And now the story is complete,
I feel I can finally look out onto a new path
With less difficulty,
And maybe understand what is being said to me.

It was all there,
Quite clear in black and white,
but there was no logical explanation
So how could I have known if what you said was right?

Perhaps there's a lesson to be learnt,
Or even two or three,
I should certainly listen more to what is being said to me.

So, henceforth, I promise to take heed,
And listen with a more astute ear,
And to trust a good friend like you,
That much is clear.

© Leonora Sophie 2009

This Love

This Love

Having climbed to the summit,
You're tired, but not alone.

You have achieved the hardest part.

At the start it was only you, at the top, there are two.

You can look around and best yet, you can see below.
You can see how far you have come, but more so, how far you're both gonna go.

You have made an achievement.
You have so many more to make too,
But that is going to be easy, for there is him and there is you.

This love is like a mountain,
So daunting and so huge,
But once you had started, there was absolutely nothing to lose.

Sharing an adventure,
Treading on unfamiliar paths,
Afraid of nothing else,
Other than to not make each other laugh.

Now, nothing is impossible as you stand hand in hand,
And on this day together proclaim your love to the land.

© Leonora Sophie

At the fairground 09/09

I have been at the fairground for most of my life,
Trying out many different rides.

I have come to learn what I know and like,
And by what I can't abide.

The ferris wheel is too high, too slow,
The merry go-round, too safe,
I love the speed the 'coaster goes
And ride it every day.

Today there's a new one I want to try,
But I cannot see the tracks.
I simply take my seat and try to sit back and relax
As I wait for the unknown
With excitement and fear
And put my faith in my experience over the years.

Off we go at a pace so slow,
But I know this will pick up.
I know what I want
I know what I like,
But I know it's down to luck.

© Leonora Sophie 2009

The music blaring out loud,

The music blaring out loud,
No fears among the crowd,
Flapping and dancing to the beat.
The energy's electric,
She's on fire
As she taps her feet to the beat.

Funky vibes take over
Her mind, body and soul.

Where's the party?
It's in her,
whether alone or with friends.
The beat goes on in her mind;
Feet tapping,
Hands clapping,
The fun never ends.

© Leonora Sophie 2003

My Friend

My Friend

Wanting the world
Meant sacrificing her heart.
But for her it was a small price to pay.
She gave him her all,
But at a price -
Away from her friends she strayed.

Love conquers all in her mind,
And she's not alone in that thought.
But it is friends who stand by you when it rains.

But in the downpour,
Who is there?
Who cares?
We all do.
Together we'll find shelter from the pain.

© Leonora Sophie 2003

Happiness is rife

Happiness is rife
Even without pleasures in my life.
Drawing back is pushing forward, I know.
Yet it's easier to hold on
To what really should be gone,
Instead of dragging myself as I go.

A small sacrifice can't be hard,
Just like playing a card,
If it's an ace and a spade, then it's good.
So, I will make a new start,
But you too can be a part
Of something so special, because you should.

All the games that we played
Meant that we could have strayed
And denied what was real in our heads.
But we've seen the truth inside
And we will no longer hide any doubts or any dreads-

That this love might bring,
For I am sure you are my king
And somehow we will get through this.
To step alone you might fail,
But, together, we'll prevail;
There's love and it's in your kiss.

©Leonora Sophie - May 2003

Thursday, September 3, 2009

TOKYO @ Hongo3Chome 7/15

All I can see are buildings;
Some are big and some are small.
A lot of them are crooked, why?
And, of course, so many of them are tall.

From where I stand,
I'd like to count just how many buildings are spread out before me,
But I doubt I ever could!

I can have more luck counting the trees!
I see three and a little green.

There is a rollercoaster to my side
And a dark grey building 14 storeys high.

All the colours are bland,
Like beige and brown and sand
With a little bit of red,
Showing the Post Office of Japan.

Now, it is dusk, but not quite dark,
The lights haven't come on yet,
For it's barely 7 o'clock.

One by one, they will shine until they light up the sky
And remind me that I live in the city
Where the magic never dies.

© Leonora Sophie 2009

What's next?

I have come to a corner,
But I can't see ahead.
I'm not sure if the traffic lights are telling me green or red.

Is it a turning?
Or even a sharp bend?
Or is it a road that will suddenly come to an end?

I'm not ready to climb a hill,
Or even go quickly down a slope.
I'd rather wander at my own pace,
So I know how to cope.

Perhaps it's a crossing
And the journey will carry on.
Perhaps here I must rest 

And wait for a friend to come along.

© Leonora Sophie 2009

One of these days...

One of these days you’re gonna wind up dead.

And that’s when you’ll start wondering what it was they said
When you sang and danced
And tried as hard as you could.
But was it enough?
Or did you stray?
Led by the temptations along the way?

Was the love of another too much to resist?

The constant climb,
The constant trying, for you was not enough.
Or was it too much for you to bare?

You left one for another,
But now, you’re not sure,
And there’s no time to recover
From the pain you’ve caused to her.

So you’re singing and dancing still,
But who’s listening now?
I don’t think anyone will.

You tried too hard,But not hard enough.
It’s over now,
You’re out of luck

© Leonora Sophie



To say goodbye
Today or tomorrow
Would at least allow
The time for me
To express my love.

But yesterday
Took you away
And the grief is here to stay.

As I wish I held you tight
And bid you a good night
For your journey along the way.

But with each day
I feel your love
I feel your presence.

And while the sadness remains
The memories have become the strength
That make each day
More possible and positive still.

I must bid you Adieu.
But this I say to you:
In my head and arms you will forever be.

For everything and more,
My appreciation will never end.
You may have been family,
But I want to thank you for being my friend.



The sun was her smile
The starlight was his.
Where they once shone
The light is brighter still.

The path becomes clearer
But the end’s not in sight,
For infinity is forever
With their bright light.

On this special day,
Their unity is shared
Amongst friends and family alike.

Even those not here,
Can share in their cheer,
As we raise to them a glass.

Congratulations are due,
As their happiness anew
Creates a lifetime of love ahead.

© Leonora Sophie - August 2004



If it’s so beautiful,

Then it’s where we should be

Walking under the twilight

Just you and me.

Dreaming of tomorrow

And buried in today

With the sunshine upon us

Every step of the way.

There’s a force that drives us

From A to B

But there’s a love within us

Just you and me.

We’re stronger and braver

And we’ll take our time if we need

Because we’ll get to where we’re going

Getting rid of the weed

That might destroy us if we let it

But we won’t and that’s a fact

Our love is beautiful

And it’s growing

And of thoughts I think of that.

© Leonora Sophie 2003