Monday, December 13, 2010


The lights are up,
Twinkling in the street.
There's so much excitement
In the kids that you meet.

They're wrapped up warm;
Gloves, coats and hats,
'Tis the season to be jolly
And to eat and get fat!

The family are at the table,
With turkey and mince pies.
All the presents have been opened.
Soon time to rest the eyes

And the belly too,
For we have eaten too much.
No food tomorrow,
No turkey sandwiches for lunch!

Christmas speech and movie
All send me to sleep.
I shall wake in the evening,
When all the family creep in

As they bring in the cake,
All covered in flames -
I'm still too full!
Let's move onto the games.

A day filled with fun
And happy times we share.
We love Christmas,
For we have no cares.

Merry Christmas to you and one and all
As we clink our glasses and watch the snow fall.

© Leonora Sophie

Stepping outside...

There's mystery and wonder all around me.
There's a magic of life that astounds me.
But in this room,
I only feel gloom,
As the walls cave in all around me.

My space is suddenly so limited.
All my actions, so restricted.
I used to have so much time,
But now, not even a second is mine,
I want to live in a world less inhibited.

I can but wait,
As I decide my fate,
But what of the world outside me?
What will I not see?
What if I'm too late?

Let's take a deep breath, one, two.
Look around, is there anything new?
Time shall tell
What we know so well:
That there's change and it's coming to you.

© Leonora Sophie

this stabbing pain

a stab in the heart,
a stab in the brain,
are you really going to put me through this again?

the knife cuts the wound;
a blade so sharp,
tearing the skin,
tears up my heart.

why do you do it?
why do you kill?
there was a love there for someone to share.

But you sliced it right open
and seem to do it so often
with no remorse,
nor any thought

put the blade down,
take away your frown,
and lose the anger inside,

perhaps you can start again?
but this time with no pain,
but first you must look back

look at what you've done,
look at what you can see
simply take a good look.

© Leonora Sophie

tick tock

Watching the clock
Watching the seconds

But barely watching time go by

© Leonora Sophie


love is mad
love is blind
love can be brutally unkind

love can break
love can mend
true love will never end

love will see you through the day
love will show you there is a way

love is you
love is me
love is true

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one knock

The things that knock us and make us feel frail
Are the things that rock us, even if we've turned pale
From worry and torment
And being beaten up inside,
We've taken a knock so bad,
A part of us has died.

These things can build us, like a wall,
With each brick built,We feel so tall.
One small thing, no matter how much it hurts,
Can't push us to the ground,
And let us wallow in the dirt.

Pull yourself up,
Put your head up high,
Take small strides at first,
Ignore the feeling you've died.

These things make us stronger, or so they say,
You can't believe them now,
So let those thoughts go away.
Get through today and you've made it,
I promise you.

It was just a glitch,
And you're pulling through.

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, October 3, 2010


To fame they climb,
A rocket-fuelled ride,
Standing by each other’s side.

Eyes are blinkered,
Ears are blocked.
When one makes a move,
The other looks shot.

Who earns the money?
Who gets the fame?
And when it all goes wrong,
Who is to blame?

Behind the curtains,
Behind the scenes,
If only all of it could mean
Something concrete,
Something sure.
There is no love,
This isn’t pure

No stepping forward.
No stepping back.
Stuck in a time warp,
Staring at my lap.

What to do?
What to say?
All I can do is step away....

Saturday, June 26, 2010


looking forward
never behind

you can see this love
behind my eyes

this love lies deep
and from deep below
rushes to your heart
emotions overflow

there is no end
there is just this

the fountain of love
pours out the magic kiss

The crows have started,

The crows have started,
And the traffic outside has picked up pace.

The heater is on
But gives off just a light.
It feels like a harsh winter morn.

Its empty and cold
And my heart is all torn;
Its hanging heavy, broken,lost and cold

Lying alone, 
The frost sets in;
My body shivers too much

It quakes with fear
It shakes from tears
What if you're out of my clutch?

The motorbike passes by
He can't hear me cry
But both sounds are shockingly loud

The one sound to hear
Would be your voice here,
One touch to say goodnight

But alone I am 
In my dream I hold your hand
And grasp it with all my might.

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's all about the here and now,

It's all about the here and now,
Not the now and then.

I know it's right with you
Because you were my friend.

But now you're so much more,
Even more special than before,
It literally blows my mind.

I keep asking what is this.
All this giddiness, all this fizz.

Can it really be love that we find
When we open up our hearts,
Afraid to be apart
And longing for each second together?

We are united in bliss,
But still need that kiss
To keep my feet on the ground.

Until then I shall float,
Head in clouds I can gloat,
That, Oh my God, it's true love I've found.

© Leonora Sophie