Sunday, January 8, 2012

Travelling home

Wheels rolling
People pushing
Noises proving
How much they're rushing

Check in
Tick the box
Check there's nothing
You've forgot

Stand in line
Don't jump in
Wait until it all begins

Ignore those two
They've jumped ahead
They've no idea
Ignoring the sign you read

Tickets, passport
A big smile too
Welcome aboard
How are you?

Some are grumpy
Some excited
One old lady
She looks frightened

Hop on board
Enjoy the flight
Sleep all day
Pretend it's night

Restless people
Up and down
Stretching legs
Eyebrows frown

How many movies
Can you watch?
Huge eyeballs
I've watched the lot

Bumpy landing
On the ground
Can't stand up yet
Must wait for the funny sound

Rushing to the lockers
Head out of the plane
I've done this before
I'm home again

Uniforms pass
The crew go by
Fast pass exit
While luggage passes by

Mine is last
Makes me wait
No one's in the hall
It's a feeling that I hate

Customs is clear
I push my trolley through
Another long haul
And I'm back to you

© Leonora Sophie