Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Man in Grey

He bought my ideas,
He bought my worth;
He showed me just how much love would hurt.
I know the price he paid -

Sold to the man in grey.
He saw my smile,
He made it his;
We shared in laughter, hugs and tears.
I never looked back after that day -

Sold to the man in grey.

He held my hand,
And led me away;
He knew what heart strings to play -
So giddy on love, I tripped and swayed -

Sold to the man in grey.

We walked forever
Under the stars -
The night never-ending, the dreams all ours.
I’ll give you all my love he said -

Sold to the man in grey.

© Leonora Sophie

More soon......?!

Grandma 2

Five years on,
And the feeling’s still strong -
I miss you as much as before.

I’m still thankful for the days
And all the simple ways
When we laughed and talked some more.

To me you are a star,
Shining over me from afar,
Guiding me along the way.

With the angels you shall sleep.
And in my dreams, I’ll keep
Your memory alive each day.

© Leonora Sophie

The storm may have passed

The storm may have passed,
But it’s raining in my heart;
Each tear as heavy as hail.

My emotions are gone,
My body is numb,
My mind has all gone frail.

I’m picking up the pieces
You have left behind
And ransacking so many memories.

Where did you go?
I’ll never know.
I’m staring at the sky.

So many clouds
Don’t break, never part -
Heavy and haunted, like my heart
And the tears that I cry
For you as you lie

So peaceful -
Goodnight to you.

© Leonora Sophie