Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painful Love

an inhalation of love
an inhalation of pain
an inhalation of love
i keep breathing again

endurance of love
endurance of shame
the pain in the heartbeat
over and over again

love breathes in
love breathes out
painful love
i black out

breathing you in
breathing you out
concentration of love
felt in your clout

the beating of love
the beating of pain
you raise your hand over me
again and again

i come back for more
my love so sore
i love you so much
so much and more

i breath you in
and i breath you again
i love you forever
my painful friend

© Leonora Sophie

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How I am

How I am
I shouldn't change
Even if it seems strange
That I may not have
The time to do
All the small things
That matter to you

It without intention
That I can assure
But as for this scattiness
There is no cure

I never want to hurt
Friend or foe
But right now I’ve caused pain
And there’s nothing else for e to do but go.

I might hang my head low
But without a doubt I know
I cannot be questioned for how I was and my whole being
So I sit here and wait for the phone to ring.

© Leonora Sophie

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Setting the mind free

You've played with my mind
So many games
So many times
And I don't want to be unkind
But when I walk away
It's because it hurts to stay
Even if it hurts to leave

I'm confused
Don't you know
Obliged to wait for you and show
What is loyalty and devotion

Yet I'm empty inside
So many times I've had to hide
And try to say the right thing

It always came out wrong
You never like it
Nor listened long
Enough to pretend to understand

I'm stepping away -
Watch me
Distance is good -
You will see
Look for the calm after the storm

Only time will tell
If these feelings I sell
Are worthless just like me

I shouldn't go
I know
I'll be back I hope
And then my mind will be free

© Leonora Sophie

Friday, October 5, 2012


A stranger
An acquaintance
A friend - 
High maintenance

I don't know you any more
Did I ever before?

Empty and in pain
I can't do this again

Hearts break
Hurt shakes
I don't know you any more
But I shall feel no more anger

Goodbye my friend
My acquaintance - 
The end

Goodbye to you
My unknown stranger

© Leonora Sophie

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The foreigner

The foreigner,
The outsider,
Always and never alone.

Standing out in a crowd,
Voices screaming out loud,
But, nobody says a word.

Look at the pavement,
Look at ME
I'm walking tall,
Can't you see -
Look we are the same!

We look strange,
Its true -
Cant go alone -
It's too new.

But what if I need a helping hand.
Will you lend it to me?
Or keep staring indifferently
Walking away on the other side?

You smile, say hello.
A new friend,
I know - 
Thank you for showing me the way.

Lost in a land
I might never understand,
I needed you there
And from the outside, I am let in.

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Stuck in between seasons
With barely no reason
No explanation for the clouds o'erhead.

Endless raindrops
Clouds hover,
They've stopped
Just above to show me their grey.

They're heavy and dull,
Dreary and lull,
I don't think I can do it today.

Can I start again?
I wonder when?
Or how could I even begin.

Meandering steps,
Advance to nowhere,
So slow.

I have to wait for these grey clouds to go.

© Leonora Sophie

Monday, October 1, 2012

The corridor of lights.

All alone in the corridor - 
The lights switch on automatically.
Darkness - 
Keep moving, they shine.

Fireflies light up the courtyard below
But I stopped to stare,
Now their light is all I know.

Switch on,
Switch off
But I stand still
I'm waiting for something
Some shiny shrill..

Listen above,
Look down below.

Just wait,
And wonder - 
But don't stand still.

© Leonora Sophie