Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't even know you

I don't even know you,
Yet, today you made me smile.

I don't even know you,
But I can move one step forward.

You wrote a few words
They weren't even heard,
But they didn't go unnoticed.

How do I thank you?
A stranger?
A friend?
The support I needed to get to the end.

I don't even know you,
I can't even thank you,
Not directly anyhow.

I don't even know you,
But I certainly won't forget you.

© Leonora Sophie

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Der Kusse


It’s definitely in the kiss
In the connection of the lips
When the tongues meet
You know when sparks will fly.

The conversation in the bedroom
Doesn’t have to happen that soon
Time will let love run its course.
To gaze and to wonder
To have and to hold
How can we find the love
With whom we will grow old?

It’s in the meeting of the
The eye
The lips
And then the heart
What a path
To eternal bliss.
There is someone for everyone
But to find them is hard
So to love and to lose is so sad.

But there are more in the world
To win our hearts and our love
And to share the times of happiness.
So when I find you I will hold you
And love every lingering kiss.

© Leonora Sophie July 2003

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No rhyme, no rhythm

I haven't written a poem for a long, long time.
What if I have lost the ability to rhyme?

The clock rolls,
The time goes,
And what have I done?

Fingers in pies,
I tell you no lies,
Life is busy and that's a fact.

I'll be back soon enough,
Full of inspiration,
A veritable buff.

Now, can't stop,
for the schedule is packed.

© Leonora Sophie