Friday, November 25, 2011

My poetry book for Kalaweit

Here are some poems (by me) together in a nice little book just in time for Christmas!
The money from the sales of this book will go into printing but also directly into KALAWEIT.
We are aiming to purchase more land in Indonesia in order to secure the forests and the habitat of many animals.
Your support and help is always appreciated!
Thank you.

Look around you

Look around you
Change your style
Change your harmful ways
Learn about
The world around
And nature
In its dying days

Humans are firing
The shots
That kill
What you see

Learn and share
Show that you care
By gestures small and grand

There’s so much to do
So much to save
But it will begin if you understand

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shining Positivity?

If we take just a second to think about our dying planet,
Only then might we realise that our mindless ways have such a drastic effect.

So many of us are oblivious to it all, living willingly trapped in a selfish bubble.

Amongst the silence, a fleeting thought ignites the fires of power.
One bright spark can change what burning fires can damage and smoulder, drowned in despair.

Are you feeling frozen?
Is your heart made of ice?
Or do you see what I see?

Look to the sky and believe,
And you will see a shining diamond of positivity.

© Leonora Sophie

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Floating and gliding
In control of the air
The seagull simply hovers
As if without a care in the world
To weigh down on its wings -
Off he goes through the wind
As I stand on the ground and sing

I hum a tune that I know
About the sunshine and the sand
And the summers spent together
Walking hand in hand

Even then I would look up
And see the birds in the sky
And wish I had their wings
So that I could fly
To another world, another planet
To see the same things
That these wonderful creatures can
When they spread their wings.

© Leonora Sophie

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thought for the day - Wordle 11/6

An area the size of a football pitch disappears in one fell swoop.
The land, now dappled with trees is being destroyed.
It’s like waving a magic wand - swish - it’s gone.
Who’s holding the wand?
That’s the question.

It seems that the businessmen only care for money.
They don’t care for the air they pollute.

It’s true they burn the forests, the homes of many;
But it is us, the consumer
Who reignites the flame.

We don’t start the fires,
Burn the forests to the ground
And let the peatlands emit their Co2 into the air.

But we do set off the bomb,
Hidden in its shell on the shopping shelf.

We live in a delirium,
Where a strident path towards justice
Has little significance.

From the pleated suit to the plaited hair;
The businessman to the tree-hugger,
We must all be aware;
Take care.

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take it back

Take it back
I don’t want it anymore

In fact, the day it was given to me,
I wasn’t even sure that I wanted
Nor needed what you had to offer.

So, take it away
Put it in a locker,
Put it out of sight.
Throw away the key.

Do anything you can to get it away from me.

I feel sick when
I think about
The baggage that you handed to me,
So loaded and heavy.

Take it away,
Out of my sight
As soon as you can.
And listen to me right now
When I tell you it’s true,
Whatever burden you gave me -

I’m giving it back to you.

© Leonora Sophie

Monday, October 31, 2011

Opposite me

Opposite me, there’s a forest
And in it my heart
And the soul of so many
Who have lived from the start of it all.

It’s their home, their life
Yet man comes along
And with one big swipe
Has the power to end
Destroy and ruin
What means so much
Means nothing to him
A big fat cheque
To him it’s no sin

Murderer hated
So many lives lost

Who is to blame
When you think of the cost
Of the shampoo you use...

Yes you in the  the corner
You didn’t think you
Could just shout and holler
At the big businessman -
He hardly cares
It’s you who should pay attention to your hair.

Opposite me
There’s land
The trees have gone
So quickly destroyed
No animals have homes

Look what we did
And it will happen again

Stop what you are doing
And think about now and then

© Leonora Sophie

Little by little...

Little by little
You’ll get it done

Little by little
You win the battle
You’re trying to run

Heart ruling head
Dreams explode
Head steadies heart
Somehow lightens the load

Step by step
One word at a time
Walk slow pace
Running leaps won’t rhyme

Slowly, surely,
Gathering speed
Acceleration is great
But not if no need

© Leonora Sophie

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Black Forest
Dark Forest
Empty soul

Spirit Green
Fallen trees

Loathed sight
Fiery night

Hopes all fading
Time can never heal

Wallow, sorrow
No tomorrow

All gone.

© Leonora Sophie

Another day at work

I’m running, I’m panting,
I’ve deadlines to meet.

I’m sweating, I’m fretting,
I’m rushed off my feet.

My voice is shaky,
My heart is pumping;
Must stay focused,
But, my mind is jumping.

I propose a plan;
The nerves are churning.
So many stare,
My body is burning.

I don’t understand
What it is I say,
But I just talk the talk,
Going along with it anyway.

I sign the deal.
What does it mean?
I can’t say I feel
Emotions or anything?

The work is so lifeless,
My soul is destroyed.
I do this for money,
Not for the joy.

Until I find meaning,
I’m stuck here in this,
With the life sucked out of me
Wondering what I have missed.

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self obsessed


I despise,
I must confess
That I never really liked you,
Not even from the start.

Never trusting

It's only you
That seems to count for something.

I'm breaking away -
I'm gone.

This friendship cannot be.
I can't hang around around,
'Cos all you think about is 'me'

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forest Fires

Fires burn
Fires burn
Nobody cares
Nobody learns

Smoke, no fire
Forests burn
I’ve no desire
To understand and learn

I need soap
I need food
Green doesn’t matter
Feed my greed

Animal’s homes
Nature's beauty
Not for me
I’m not guilty.

© Leonora Sophie

HAIKU - Fickle

I am so fickle;
Endlessly indecisive.
Can I ever choose?

© Leonora Sophie

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Walking slow
Talking low
My face is full of wrinkles

I live alone
But nobody knows
For I have no visitors

Killing time
Watching time
Talking all about time

Remember when
Remember then
Remember me, do you?

So many changes
Battle of the ages
You won't even listen

Talk of days gone
Talk of people gone
Can't talk to who is here

Who really knows?
The soul that shows
The heart that breaks each day

Winding down
Thinking now,
Still grateful for so much.

© Leonora Sophie

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nothing really happened today

What can I write about today?
Because nothing really happened.

Not a thought came my way,
Not an ounce of emotion.
Usually such would make me say
'Lets write a poem!'

Never mind.
Not today.
Nothing full of meaning.
No words, no rhyme,
Not much, not really

© Leonora Sophie

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My time, more time

Running late again,
I hate this time
When I have to wake up
And forget the day is mine.

I don't mind the early starts
Or even the house chores;
It's just travelling to work
That can be such a bore.

Someone else's time
Is never any fun -
Unless you're doing it for pleasure
And not under the thumb.

I don't mind the job,
And the people are OK,
But I hate the sound of the morning alarms
On a cold and wet Monday.

Can I not choose
The days I go to work?
Go from perm to temp
Or once a week,
Would that still make me a good clerk?

Don't think me lazy
Or begrudging the job.
You certainly won't find me sitting around like a slob.

I want to sing,
I want to dance,
I want to be free,

I promise I won't be late any more
If you can give more time to me.

© Leonora Sophie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smash & Grab

Smash and grab consumerism.
Take what you can, so fast.

No need, want.
More, more want.

Take it.
Hoard it.
Store it.

Look good.
Smell good.
Most definitely feel good.

Buy more.
Wear more.
Pile more.

Earn, spend.
Earn, spend, spend.
Keep the rhythm going.

Spend, earn.
Spend, spend earn.
Can you keep the balance?

Spend, never learn.
Spend, never earn
Enough to foot the costs.

Debt empties pockets.
New purses empty.
Fill them with bills.
Keep dressing with frills.

Looking good?
But inside is empty.

© Leonora Sophie