Monday, November 7, 2011

Thought for the day - Wordle 11/6

An area the size of a football pitch disappears in one fell swoop.
The land, now dappled with trees is being destroyed.
It’s like waving a magic wand - swish - it’s gone.
Who’s holding the wand?
That’s the question.

It seems that the businessmen only care for money.
They don’t care for the air they pollute.

It’s true they burn the forests, the homes of many;
But it is us, the consumer
Who reignites the flame.

We don’t start the fires,
Burn the forests to the ground
And let the peatlands emit their Co2 into the air.

But we do set off the bomb,
Hidden in its shell on the shopping shelf.

We live in a delirium,
Where a strident path towards justice
Has little significance.

From the pleated suit to the plaited hair;
The businessman to the tree-hugger,
We must all be aware;
Take care.

© Leonora Sophie


  1. Nicely done. I especially liked, "From the pleated suit to the plaited hair." 'Pleated' was the most difficult word for me, but you handled it expertly.

  2. You highlighted a terrible thing with your words and you did it so well.

    "But it is us, the consumer
    Who reignites the flame."

    That is the thing that most don't like to face. If the consumer stopped wanting the product (whatever it is) then the people with power would have to supply what we DID want. The consumer has the power if only enough would realise it.

    An excellent use of the wordle words.

    PS. Good to meet you and good luck with Nano :-)

  3. Greetings,

    hope all is well,

    invite you to join poetry picnic today, simply share a relevant or a random piece, and enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Always, your presence is sunshine to us.
    Best Wishes!

    your talent rocks.