Monday, April 30, 2012

My heart is open

My heart is open and raw;
The emptiness just pours
And pours - Never ending.

Emotions have been spilled,
My love has been killed
And I walk head in hands.

Taken away,
The very same day
I said I wouldn’t go.

But I left you alone,
My heart and my soul
How can I ever say sorry.

We smiled and laughed,
And that I remember
We talked of days of old.

How can I thank you now?
I can barely sit down
And hold your hand so cold.

Goodbye, farewell.
The stars shall tell
That you are watching me.

I stand up and see
The shining of light
And I let my heart disappear in flight

My thoughts and feelings
All rise above
All I have is endless love.

Take it with you and know
We all love you so.
How could we ever forget you?

© Leonora Sophie


She never had a wedding dress,
Never danced in the sun,
Never stepped out of the crowd,
Never felt life was undone.

She didn't need to step forward.
She sparkled from afar -
She held a brilliance from within,
Much stronger than a star.

She could shoot through her dreams
And wonder what it would be like
To have everyone watch her
As she took her nuptial flight.

The secret she shared
With the love so true,
Was bright as the Rose
He gave her
When he said ‘I love you’.

Stars twinkle in the air.
Holding hands,
Walking to the future they share.

© Leonora Sophie

Sunday, April 22, 2012