Monday, April 30, 2012

My heart is open

My heart is open and raw;
The emptiness just pours
And pours - Never ending.

Emotions have been spilled,
My love has been killed
And I walk head in hands.

Taken away,
The very same day
I said I wouldn’t go.

But I left you alone,
My heart and my soul
How can I ever say sorry.

We smiled and laughed,
And that I remember
We talked of days of old.

How can I thank you now?
I can barely sit down
And hold your hand so cold.

Goodbye, farewell.
The stars shall tell
That you are watching me.

I stand up and see
The shining of light
And I let my heart disappear in flight

My thoughts and feelings
All rise above
All I have is endless love.

Take it with you and know
We all love you so.
How could we ever forget you?

© Leonora Sophie

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