Saturday, November 19, 2011


Floating and gliding
In control of the air
The seagull simply hovers
As if without a care in the world
To weigh down on its wings -
Off he goes through the wind
As I stand on the ground and sing

I hum a tune that I know
About the sunshine and the sand
And the summers spent together
Walking hand in hand

Even then I would look up
And see the birds in the sky
And wish I had their wings
So that I could fly
To another world, another planet
To see the same things
That these wonderful creatures can
When they spread their wings.

© Leonora Sophie


  1. I like how this starts off as an observation, stays as observation, yet expands to reflection. This aspect combined with a nicely created natural flow through rhythm makes for a nice read. Thanks

  2. lovely work, enjoyed reading it.

    i wrote about seagulls for a post during the recently concluded NaPoWriMo. :)