Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shining Positivity?

If we take just a second to think about our dying planet,
Only then might we realise that our mindless ways have such a drastic effect.

So many of us are oblivious to it all, living willingly trapped in a selfish bubble.

Amongst the silence, a fleeting thought ignites the fires of power.
One bright spark can change what burning fires can damage and smoulder, drowned in despair.

Are you feeling frozen?
Is your heart made of ice?
Or do you see what I see?

Look to the sky and believe,
And you will see a shining diamond of positivity.

© Leonora Sophie


  1. love the space thinking,
    beautiful imagery.

  2. things don't have to be bad, it's just how we look at it

    last day of the last year

  3. Well said, and nicely presented!

  4. hinting at mindfulness...we do take nature for granted, thanks for the reminder, happy gooseberry day!

  5. Mother Earth is a beautiful topic to be mindful of as we begin a New Year! So many of us spend so much time looking down that we neglect to look up. We can then see the bright spark of hope. Well done!

  6. I love the passion in this poem... Today on my run I will take the extra time to walk more and notice Mother Earth and the beauty and importance of loving her more.

    Thank you for such powerful words.


  7. love the last line,

    enjoyed how you turn the page from wandering thoughts to a positive hope.


    Thanks for joining poetry picnic, hope to see you next time.