Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another day at work

I’m running, I’m panting,
I’ve deadlines to meet.

I’m sweating, I’m fretting,
I’m rushed off my feet.

My voice is shaky,
My heart is pumping;
Must stay focused,
But, my mind is jumping.

I propose a plan;
The nerves are churning.
So many stare,
My body is burning.

I don’t understand
What it is I say,
But I just talk the talk,
Going along with it anyway.

I sign the deal.
What does it mean?
I can’t say I feel
Emotions or anything?

The work is so lifeless,
My soul is destroyed.
I do this for money,
Not for the joy.

Until I find meaning,
I’m stuck here in this,
With the life sucked out of me
Wondering what I have missed.

© Leonora Sophie

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