Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Tokyo conform!

Tokyo, Tokyo,
Wherefore art thou Tokyo?
Technology is rife
and the people act like Pinnochio.

Must dress smart,
Must conform,
Society is so demanding.

Must work hard
Must play the right card
Or, it's me my boss is reprimanding.

Heels, make up, dressing higher
And higher goes my skirt.

Boots and blush,
Brave the rush
And charge through the crowds.

Push, push,
Click, click,
Emails, phones.

Noisy people,
Angry people,
Customer drones.

I have a headache,
I can't see.
The lights are so blinding.

Now, it's night,
Tokyo is so bright and full of friendly faces.

Smile and Laugh
And look around
And remember what a great place this is.

© Leonora Sophie

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