Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My time, more time

Running late again,
I hate this time
When I have to wake up
And forget the day is mine.

I don't mind the early starts
Or even the house chores;
It's just travelling to work
That can be such a bore.

Someone else's time
Is never any fun -
Unless you're doing it for pleasure
And not under the thumb.

I don't mind the job,
And the people are OK,
But I hate the sound of the morning alarms
On a cold and wet Monday.

Can I not choose
The days I go to work?
Go from perm to temp
Or once a week,
Would that still make me a good clerk?

Don't think me lazy
Or begrudging the job.
You certainly won't find me sitting around like a slob.

I want to sing,
I want to dance,
I want to be free,

I promise I won't be late any more
If you can give more time to me.

© Leonora Sophie

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