Monday, October 31, 2011

Opposite me

Opposite me, there’s a forest
And in it my heart
And the soul of so many
Who have lived from the start of it all.

It’s their home, their life
Yet man comes along
And with one big swipe
Has the power to end
Destroy and ruin
What means so much
Means nothing to him
A big fat cheque
To him it’s no sin

Murderer hated
So many lives lost

Who is to blame
When you think of the cost
Of the shampoo you use...

Yes you in the  the corner
You didn’t think you
Could just shout and holler
At the big businessman -
He hardly cares
It’s you who should pay attention to your hair.

Opposite me
There’s land
The trees have gone
So quickly destroyed
No animals have homes

Look what we did
And it will happen again

Stop what you are doing
And think about now and then

© Leonora Sophie

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