Saturday, October 15, 2011

BiG CiTy LiFe

A country girl in a big city
Suddenly so lost

All the girls
So dressed up and pretty
But at what cost?

She can't walk
Her heels are so high
Her legs wobble each step

And her shorts are too tight.
Too fat? Too wide?
Or just shopping for something too small?

Squeezing in, thinking she's thin,
Living in her own little world.

And over there -
With the pigtails in her hair,
There's a cute little girl?

And a skirt pulled up so high.
She looks too young
To be acting so dumb;
Her butt the exhibition in the air.

Make up, colours
Noise and screams
Music and laughing.

Crack in the road,
But, who can see?
I am busy typing.

Like my heels?
Watch me squeal as
I check my phone and fall.

Hang head in shame,
Rejoin the game
And fall into the crowds.

Keep on trotting.
More shopping?

Must buy. Never stop.
Besides there's a hole in my stocking.

© Leonora Sophie

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