Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one knock

The things that knock us and make us feel frail
Are the things that rock us, even if we've turned pale
From worry and torment
And being beaten up inside,
We've taken a knock so bad,
A part of us has died.

These things can build us, like a wall,
With each brick built,We feel so tall.
One small thing, no matter how much it hurts,
Can't push us to the ground,
And let us wallow in the dirt.

Pull yourself up,
Put your head up high,
Take small strides at first,
Ignore the feeling you've died.

These things make us stronger, or so they say,
You can't believe them now,
So let those thoughts go away.
Get through today and you've made it,
I promise you.

It was just a glitch,
And you're pulling through.

© Leonora Sophie

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