Thursday, September 3, 2009

TOKYO @ Hongo3Chome 7/15

All I can see are buildings;
Some are big and some are small.
A lot of them are crooked, why?
And, of course, so many of them are tall.

From where I stand,
I'd like to count just how many buildings are spread out before me,
But I doubt I ever could!

I can have more luck counting the trees!
I see three and a little green.

There is a rollercoaster to my side
And a dark grey building 14 storeys high.

All the colours are bland,
Like beige and brown and sand
With a little bit of red,
Showing the Post Office of Japan.

Now, it is dusk, but not quite dark,
The lights haven't come on yet,
For it's barely 7 o'clock.

One by one, they will shine until they light up the sky
And remind me that I live in the city
Where the magic never dies.

© Leonora Sophie 2009

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