Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Love

This Love

Having climbed to the summit,
You're tired, but not alone.

You have achieved the hardest part.

At the start it was only you, at the top, there are two.

You can look around and best yet, you can see below.
You can see how far you have come, but more so, how far you're both gonna go.

You have made an achievement.
You have so many more to make too,
But that is going to be easy, for there is him and there is you.

This love is like a mountain,
So daunting and so huge,
But once you had started, there was absolutely nothing to lose.

Sharing an adventure,
Treading on unfamiliar paths,
Afraid of nothing else,
Other than to not make each other laugh.

Now, nothing is impossible as you stand hand in hand,
And on this day together proclaim your love to the land.

© Leonora Sophie

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