Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happiness is rife

Happiness is rife
Even without pleasures in my life.
Drawing back is pushing forward, I know.
Yet it's easier to hold on
To what really should be gone,
Instead of dragging myself as I go.

A small sacrifice can't be hard,
Just like playing a card,
If it's an ace and a spade, then it's good.
So, I will make a new start,
But you too can be a part
Of something so special, because you should.

All the games that we played
Meant that we could have strayed
And denied what was real in our heads.
But we've seen the truth inside
And we will no longer hide any doubts or any dreads-

That this love might bring,
For I am sure you are my king
And somehow we will get through this.
To step alone you might fail,
But, together, we'll prevail;
There's love and it's in your kiss.

©Leonora Sophie - May 2003

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