Friday, September 23, 2011


I've so many things to do
That I'm writing a long list.
The tasks are many, some dull,
But none are to be missed.

So what do I do?
Grab colours and highlight,
Play with pens and stare
Longingly at the moonlight.

I tap at the keys,
But it's not work.
I'm looking for something
Pretending it's 'research'.

But my mind is numb,
My brain is idle.
I should power off
Though my eyes are wider.

I'm just staring now;
Pupils bulbous and huge.
I'm not focused on anything
And my work is overdue.

Pour a glass of wine,
Have a little chat,
Forget the time
And remind myself that - 

The world won't stop
Because I can't start.
I'm sure I'll work one day
Once I feel it in my heart.

© Leonora Sophie


  1. This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. Well-written!

  2. love the rhyming, I can relate, fantastic poetry.


    Happy Rally.

  3. Great piece....I feel that way when writer's block hits me...I am all false starts and incomplete passes

  4. Too true, hard to break the cycle if you get caught in it.

  5. Wow great poem! Seems like you wrote it especially for me! :)