Friday, September 23, 2011


What have you got
That I can't see?
What have you got?
Please give it to me.

But I don't even want it 
Nor know what it is.
What have you got?
Can you show me please?

There's something I want
But it's not mine.
There's something I want
And I'm taking my time

To learn what it is.
I can't grab and snatch,
Not without tears.
There's always a catch.

It's something I'd fight for,
It's something unknown,
It's something delightful;
Inside me I'm torn.

I want it, I hate it.
I need you to know
This envy inside me will only grow.

Help me stop it.
Don't make me green.
Just give me what you've got,
And don't be mean.

© Leonora Sophie

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