Thursday, March 31, 2011


The floor pounds,
Smashing sounds,
One big thud.
Hit the floor hard.

Bruises, shock and pain.

Sirens blare,
People stare.
Disbelief and fear.

One big wave.
Early grave.
Doesn't stop.
Fills the shops,

Forces cars away.

Run, fast run.
Water comes.
Heart beats racing,
Wave still chasing.

Find the highest place.

Crack and crumble.
House is rubble.
Nothing here
But screams and fear.

Lost my wife,
Lost my daughter.
Where is my son?

Pray they are safe,
Pray they are alive.
Pray they knew to run.

Cities gone.
Heartbreak is long.
Never ending pain.

Big shakes rock.
Big waves shock.
Death and despair.

Water won't stop.
Temperature drops.
Cold, alone and scared.

© Leonora Sophie

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