Friday, March 16, 2012


The lady opposite me has a skill
She has a bag of paper
She fold a piece
To make it small
But produces a tall crane

She concentrates
She doesn’t stop
She fills the bag completely

Wait, she takes a pause
Finds another bag
And digs deep inside.

More paper? I wonder
And watch in awe
As she pulls out something colourful.

Just a candy, popped in the mouth
As she resumes her nifty work.

Folding, chewing
Fold away
How many will she make?

How many will she make?

Her bag is filling
100, 1000?
Perhaps they are a present.

Some child will smile and
Thank her granny for her
Non stop folding efforts.

“You’re welcome” She smiles
And disappears to the store
To buy even more paper.

© Leonora Sophie

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